Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bootcamp February Gallery Now Live

As you may know, I'm taking an illustration bootcamp from Lilla Rogers. It's been incredible, and I'm happy to share our February Class Gallery! Our assignment was a scenic painting on a slice of wood. The varied interpretations are wondrful, and the talent among my classmates is so impressive. Hope you enjoy perusing all the work!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Penguin in the Rain and a very busy March coming up...

I've been preparing my workspace for a new class I'm taking in March which is purported to be very intense. How to handle a "very intense" class while maintaining my freelance career, managing my household and being a single mom? Well, I just put on my Superwoman outfit. (kidding) - I have completely organized my artspace, and stocked up on materials like paints, pencils, ink and paper. Very exciting! I'll definitely be sharing LOTS of new work as March begins, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile I'm excited to share my newest piece, a little wood wall art hanging mixed-media: Penguin in the Rain...

Penguin in the Rain

(click the image to view on Etsy)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Lusciousness of Paint...OR...The Wisdom of a 4-year-old

When I first started Art School back in 19-what-was-it...(1994 to be precise) I was certain I was a PAINTER. I started making art with pencil, pen and ink as a young teen and progressed into oil paints, spending many many nights awake until 3 and 4 am working with the colors and layering paint, loving the lusciousness and beauty that was so pure in the wet pigment. Fast-forward to 2015, and I have not painted in years! I work almost entirely digitally now, and while I love it, I found myself staring down an assignment for my class with trepidation: we were told to create a scenic painting on a round-ish piece of wood.

Say what??

I had to actually buy brushes - that is how long it's been. So off I went to Michael's and found a piece of wood that had beautiful bark around the border, and seemed it would fit the piece I was planning to make. I bought a "practice" piece of wood, too. When I got them home, my son (4) was immediately interested. He wanted the big piece of wood, but we compromised and I gave him the practice piece, and busted out some paint. He was off and running, painting all different colors on the wood and enjoying himself thoroughly. As I watched him, and realized I had a pit in my stomach worrying about whether I could achieve a submission-worthy painting on my piece of wood, I realized I was losing access to the wonder of creation by allowing the worry to win. I set the worry on the shelf, got my paints out, and I am *so glad* I did. Now I've got several more paintings in mind, and I've realized that cutting painting (or any analog art creation) out of the process in exchange for expediency really cheats ME, and it cheats the process. I've now got a plan to do a line of Kitchen Little original paintings. Veggies in pigment!

That said, I am sharing my final piece with you. Here's to children, knocking down our hangups one day at a time...

Friday, February 13, 2015

Painting on Wood!

I'm in my second month of an online illustration course that is really bringing some fun and color into my studio, and inspiring new and exciting work! I'll share a few of the pieces below; we first worked with circular scenic designs, and were then told the assignment - to paint the piece onto wood. This is the first painting I'm diving into after many years of ink / pencil and digital work. And painting was truly my first love. As every creative project will do, this is giving me so many ideas for a new round of Kitchen Littles...wonder what will sprout??

Sunday, February 8, 2015

First Post!

Welcome to One Little Print Blog! After some careful and also reckless consideration, I've come to the conclusion that it's a great time to begin a blog focusing on my work and my site, One Little Print Shop. I have been working on projects for Lilla Rogers bootcamp, as well as many new prints for One Little Print Shop. I'm also working on rebuilding an artist friend's website, and that experience has brought so many revelations and discoveries by me of my friend's artwork and her process in making it. This is a longtime friend of two+ decades, and to rediscover her through her art process has been way cool. On that note, welcome to my new blog, and here's to many more creations, revelations and discoveries!